Death Certificate

  • A death certificate is obtained at the hospital where the deceased died or from a doctor who has cared for the deceased.
  • A death certificate is given to a relative, such as a spouse or other close relative.
  • A death certificate is on the one hand a notification to the National Registry of the person’s death and cause of death and on the other hand, a notification of the death to the District Commissioner.
  • The relative is responsible for delivering the death certificate to the District Commissioner in the district where the deceased was domiciled when they died.
  • If the deceased was residing abroad, a death certificate shall be delivered to the District Commissioner in the district where the funeral takes place.
  • The District Commissioner gives the relative confirmation that they have received the death certificate. The confirmation is necessary so that a funeral can be held as it can not take place until the death certificate has been delivered to the District Commissioner.
  • The District Commissioner sends the death certificate to the National Registry.
  • The District Commissioner assists the bereaved with the estate and provides information on inheritance matters.
  • The District Commissioner sends a notification to depository institutions and asks that deposits in the deceased’s accounts be frozen.

Copy of Death Certificate

The Directorate of Health preserves death certificates. As soon as the death has been registered in the National Registry, along with the necessary information, the National Registry sends the death certificate to the Directorate of Health according to the Act on death certificates, autopsies, etc. no. 61/1998.

Bank Accounts

Bank accounts in the name of the deceased are closed when the death certificate has been submitted. Therefore, it is important to make arrangements in advance so that you can pay bills and buy necessities.

If a couple or cohabitants have had joint bank accounts, the surviving spouse must create a new account and ensure that, for example, wages and other payments are not deposited into a joint account.

If and when the surviving spouse receives permission from the District Commissioner for beneficial enjoyment of the estate, access to the deceased’s accounts can be reopened.

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