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A talk for those who have recently lost a loved one – postponed

Sorgarmiðstöð regularly offers presentations about grief and grief responses for those who have recently lost a loved one. Grief and difficult feelings are normal responses to loss. Grief is part of the human experience and needs to find a proper channel. It is important to know that grief can look different for each individual. By educating the bereaved about grief and grief response and giving them advice, we strive to increase people’s understanding of the grief process and thus support them in finding balance in their daily lives after losing a loved one. Sorgarmiðstöð regularly makes this presentation available to those who have recently lost a loved one.

During the talk, we will also briefly introduce the services we provide.

You can register here

Attention: we need a minimum number of registration to host the talk. When enough registrations have been received we will find a date for the talk and notify those who are registered.

The bereaved can bring a close relative to the talk if they choose. Registration is necessary for yourself and a relative, if you are bringing one, to secure a place as there is a maximum number of people each time.

Please note – This presentation is for adults only.

The talk is free of charge

Time 20:00



Sími: 551 4141

Kennitala: 521118-0400
Reikningsnúmer: 0513-26-009753

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